Bears Draft Potential Franchise Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky


Mitchell Trubisky pic

Mitchell Trubisky

A certified public accountant and chartered financial analyst, Mark Allen Hanrahan leverages over 25 years of investment experience as a managing partner for Markmel Co. When he isn’t closing real estate transactions or studying local and global markets, Mark Allen Hanrahan enjoys following his favorite National Football League (NFL) team, the Chicago Bears.

After failing to make the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season, the Bears decided to release veteran quarterback Jay Cutler, who had been with the team the previous eight seasons. The team seemed to find a long-term replacement in Mike Glennon, who was signed to a three-year, $43.5 million contract, but Chicago added further intrigue to its quarterback plans at the 2017 NFL Draft. The Bears made a trade with the San Francisco 49ers, moving up from third to second overall to select quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

In three seasons with the University of North Carolina, Trubisky recorded 41 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, while accumulating 4,762 yards passing. After serving as the team’s backup quarterback in 2014 and 2015, he impressed as a starter in 2016, finishing 10th in the NCAA in passing yards with 3,748 and seventh in pass completions with 304.

Chicago Bears Sign Tanner Gentry as Undrafted Free Agent

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Tanner Gentry

Mark Allen Hanrahan is the managing partner of Markmel Co., LLC, where he sources and manages both real estate and venture capital investments. Outside of his professional life, Mark Allen Hanrahan is a fan of the Chicago Bears football team.

In late April, the Bears signed receiver Tanner Gentry as an undrafted free agent, after the University of Wyoming player was passed over during the NFL draft. Gentry, who expected to get selected in the draft, said it “didn’t work out that way” but that he was “very fortunate to get an opportunity” with the Bears.

Playing for the University of Wyoming Cowboys in the 2016 season, Gentry caught 22 of the 49 deep throws sent his way, the most of any NCAA player for the season. Altogether, Gentry made 72 catches in 2016, totaling 1,326 yards and leading to 14 touchdowns for the Cowboys. He was ranked as 12th-best college player in the nation in regard to receiving yards.

The Bears are no strangers to former Cowboys players, with two already on the roster: Chris Prosinski and Mitch Unrein. Though Gentry also had offers from other teams, he said that after talking it out with his agent, he decided that Chicago was his best option.

YMCA Celebrates 125 Years of Basketball

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For the past 8 years, Mark Allen Hanrahan has served as the managing partner at Markmel Company, LLC, where he helps provide seed funding to startup companies. Outside of his professional endeavors, Mark Allen Hanrahan supports the YMCA.

In late 2016, the YMCA celebrated the 125th anniversary of the first-ever basketball game, which was held in one of its facilities in 1891. A gym instructor at the YMCA Training School, Dr. James Naismith received a request from Luther Gulick, one of the YMCA’s program directors. Gulick wanted Naismith to develop a game that could be played during the winter season to keep local students in good athletic shape and challenge them.

To meet the request, Naismith attached two peach baskets to a raised running track at a YMCA center and created 13 rules. Basketball was born. Since then, notable cultural icons such as Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and others have played basketball at the YMCA. The organization continues to offer youth and adult basketball programs across the country.

Des Moines Triathlon Club To Hold Iowa Games Triathlon

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Iowa Games Triathlon

A real estate professional with more than two decades of experience, Mark Allen Hanrahan leads Markmel Co in Urbandale, Iowa, as managing director. Mark Allen Hanrahan also is a board member of the Des Moines Triathlon Club (DMSTri) and participates in efforts to promote the sport of triathlon in Iowa.

The Des Moines Triathlon Club launched in the fall of 2002 with a goal of serving as an entry point for people with an interest in triathlons. It also strives to help multisport athletes achieve their goals while increasing awareness of and involvement in multisport activities and events. In addition, DMSTri provides support to triathletes in need of financial assistance to participate. The club welcomes triathletes to a supportive network that promotes competition, fellowship, and physical fitness.

DMSTri will hold its next Iowa Games Triathlon on July 9, 2017, starting on the beach of the Big Creek State Park in Polk City. Participants must pick up their triathlon packets the day prior from the Exile Brewing Company or the morning of the event. All participants must attend a mandatory pre-race meeting directly before the start.