Chicago Bears Make Big Moves at Quarterback During 2017 Offseason


Chicago Bears pic
Chicago Bears

Since 2009, Mark Allen Hanrahan has sourced and closed real estate transactions as the managing partner of Markmel Company, LLC in Urbandale, Iowa. In his spare time, Mark Allen Hanrahan enjoys rooting for the Chicago Bears.

The 2016 season was quite disappointing for dedicated Bears fans, as the team struggled to a disappointing 3-16 record and finished last in the NFC North division. Nevertheless, the Bears’ management team made some big moves during the off season, which should propel the squad to success in 2017 and beyond.

First, the released veteran quarterback Jay Cutler, who decided to retire after the Bears let him go. Next, the team signed 27-year-old quarterback Mike Glennon for a three year contract for $14.5 million per year. While Glennon hadn’t started a game since 2014 for his previous team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many feel he has the skills and experience to lead the Bears.

Their second move was also at quarterback, where they traded up in draft picks from the number three spot to number two in order to acquire Mitchell Trubisky from the University of North Carolina. He signed with the team for a four year $29 million contract combined with a $19.25 million signing bonus.

Four Lesser-Known Japanese Foods

Onigiri pic

As the managing partner at Markmel Company LLC in Urbandale, Iowa, Mark Allen Hanrahan identifies and closes transactions involving venture capital and real estate. When not dedicating his time to his business, Mark Allen Hanrahan enjoys traveling and sampling different cuisines, and he has a love for Japanese dishes. While sushi and tempura are mainstays on Western-influenced Japanese menus, some less-familiar Japanese foods include:

1. Onigiri. Simply called “rice balls” by many, these seasoned treats are filled with a variety of different ingredients, from salmon to roasted pork belly. Originally, they were made as easy snacks for those in wartime Japan in the 17th century.

2. Omurice. The name of this dish is a mixture of the English words “omelet” and “rice,” and the dish combines eggs and rice. The rice is also often mixed with meat and vegetables of the maker’s choice, and ketchup finishes an omurice plate.

3. Ankimo. Comparable to foie gras, ankimo is gently salted fish liver, often served with a delicate ponzu sauce.

4. Natto. An acquired taste for many, this pungent dish is regarded as a Japanese comfort food. Extremely healthy, natto is made of fermented soybeans that are both gooey and crunchy.