Bethany’s House Offers Support for Pregnant Women in Crisis

Established in 1944, Bethany Christian Services works to strengthen families around the globe through services ranging from family support to foster care and adoption. The organization also assists women facing crisis pregnancies through Bethany’s House in California. Open to women 18 years of age and above, the home offers a place to live while residents carry their babies to term and for up to six weeks after the birth.

Staff at Bethany’s House supply daily necessities to the residents while providing assistance in areas such as finding medical insurance, continuing education opportunities, working or volunteering, preparing for childbirth, and planning future actions. They also provide a loving community to foster confidence as residents navigate challenging choices.

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Mark Allen Hanrahan, Urbandale, Iowa

Drawing on extensive experience in the commercial real estate market, Mark Allen Hanrahan serves as the managing director of Markmel Co. LLC in Urbandale, Iowa. Alongside his career, Mark Allen Hanrahan contributes to charitable groups such as Bethany Christian Services.

Support United Way as a Member of the Tocqueville Society

United Way of Central Iowa founded the Tocqueville Society in 1984 as a way for individuals to give back to their community. The organization has used the millions of dollars received from Tocqueville Society donations over the years to tackle critical issues in local areas and fund endeavors that lead to lasting improvements in the community.

Membership in the Tocqueville Society is open to those who make annual contributions of $10,000 or more to United Way of Central Iowa. In addition to seeing the donation make a difference in the community, Tocqueville Society members receive recognition in local publications such as the Des Moines Register and the Business Record. Members also gain access to regular e-newsletters with information about community projects, opportunities to participate in special volunteer events, and invitations to a yearly celebration of the organization’s work.

About the Author:

Mark Allen Hanrahan photo
Mark Allen Hanrahan, Managing Partner of Markmel Co

Mark Allen Hanrahan serves as managing partner of Markmel Co., LLC, a family real estate and venture capital firm in Urbandale, Iowa. Committed to philanthropy, Mark Allen Hanrahan belongs to the Tocqueville Society of United Way of Central Iowa.

Volunteer to Support Des Moines Homeless Shelter


Central Iowa Shelter & Services pic
Central Iowa Shelter & Services

A certified public accountant (CPA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Mark Allen Hanrahan serves as a managing partner of Markmel Co LLC, a real estate and venture capital firm in Urbandale, Iowa. Alongside his career, Mark Allen Hanrahan supports the work of nonprofit organizations such as Central Iowa Shelter & Services (CISS).

From its headquarters in Des Moines, CISS serves individuals who are homeless by providing them with food, shelter, and additional services to help them transition from life on the street to autonomy. The shelter also relies on the efforts of donations to help change the lives of thousands of people each year.

Volunteers with CISS can help staff the front desk, assist with the food pantry and clothing closet, or serve meals to the shelter’s guests. Those with special skills can inquire about contributing their expertise to enhance the shelter’s services.

For more information about CISS, to become a volunteer, or to make a donation, visit The site also includes a list of items the shelter currently needs.

Bethany Christian Services Helps Young Refugees


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Bethany Christian Services

Mark Allen Hanrahan, a real estate investment professional based in Iowa, serves as managing partner at Markmel Co. LLC. In this position, Mark Allen Hanrahan oversees acquisitions, dispositions, and joint venture formation related to commercial real estate transactions. Aside from his professional responsibilities, Mr. Hanrahan supports a variety of charitable organizations, including Bethany Christian Services.

Bethany Christian Services, located in 36 states, aims to strengthen families across the globe by providing adoption services, pregnancy support, and counseling. In addition, the organization offers services to refugees and immigrants.

In situations that involve violence, turmoil, and natural disaster, many families become separated before reaching refugee camps near their home countries. When children arrive in camps without their parents or family members, they are considered orphans or unaccompanied minors and may be resettled in other countries. When these young refugees arrive in the United States, they are in need of welcoming homes where they can heal and begin new lives in a new country.

Bethany Christian Services’ refugee and immigrant foster care programs gives these children an opportunity to start again in the context of a family. Within a safe environment, vulnerable children have access to counseling as well as the education that will equip them to live a life of independence.

Families in Bethany’s refugee and immigrant foster care program are provided with the training they need to parent a child from a different culture. They are also paired with mentors and provided with medical insurance and a stipend to offset the costs of an additional family member.

Bethany Christian Services offers additional services to refugees and immigrants that include assistance with resettlement and employment as well as counseling.