Bethany’s House Offers Support for Pregnant Women in Crisis

Established in 1944, Bethany Christian Services works to strengthen families around the globe through services ranging from family support to foster care and adoption. The organization also assists women facing crisis pregnancies through Bethany’s House in California. Open to women 18 years of age and above, the home offers a place to live while residents carry their babies to term and for up to six weeks after the birth.

Staff at Bethany’s House supply daily necessities to the residents while providing assistance in areas such as finding medical insurance, continuing education opportunities, working or volunteering, preparing for childbirth, and planning future actions. They also provide a loving community to foster confidence as residents navigate challenging choices.

About the Author:

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Mark Allen Hanrahan, Urbandale, Iowa

Drawing on extensive experience in the commercial real estate market, Mark Allen Hanrahan serves as the managing director of Markmel Co. LLC in Urbandale, Iowa. Alongside his career, Mark Allen Hanrahan contributes to charitable groups such as Bethany Christian Services.