Des Moines Triathlon Club To Hold Iowa Games Triathlon

 Iowa Games Triathlon pic
Iowa Games Triathlon

A real estate professional with more than two decades of experience, Mark Allen Hanrahan leads Markmel Co in Urbandale, Iowa, as managing director. Mark Allen Hanrahan also is a board member of the Des Moines Triathlon Club (DMSTri) and participates in efforts to promote the sport of triathlon in Iowa.

The Des Moines Triathlon Club launched in the fall of 2002 with a goal of serving as an entry point for people with an interest in triathlons. It also strives to help multisport athletes achieve their goals while increasing awareness of and involvement in multisport activities and events. In addition, DMSTri provides support to triathletes in need of financial assistance to participate. The club welcomes triathletes to a supportive network that promotes competition, fellowship, and physical fitness.

DMSTri will hold its next Iowa Games Triathlon on July 9, 2017, starting on the beach of the Big Creek State Park in Polk City. Participants must pick up their triathlon packets the day prior from the Exile Brewing Company or the morning of the event. All participants must attend a mandatory pre-race meeting directly before the start.