Support United Way as a Member of the Tocqueville Society

United Way of Central Iowa founded the Tocqueville Society in 1984 as a way for individuals to give back to their community. The organization has used the millions of dollars received from Tocqueville Society donations over the years to tackle critical issues in local areas and fund endeavors that lead to lasting improvements in the community.

Membership in the Tocqueville Society is open to those who make annual contributions of $10,000 or more to United Way of Central Iowa. In addition to seeing the donation make a difference in the community, Tocqueville Society members receive recognition in local publications such as the Des Moines Register and the Business Record. Members also gain access to regular e-newsletters with information about community projects, opportunities to participate in special volunteer events, and invitations to a yearly celebration of the organization’s work.

About the Author:

Mark Allen Hanrahan photo
Mark Allen Hanrahan, Managing Partner of Markmel Co

Mark Allen Hanrahan serves as managing partner of Markmel Co., LLC, a family real estate and venture capital firm in Urbandale, Iowa. Committed to philanthropy, Mark Allen Hanrahan belongs to the Tocqueville Society of United Way of Central Iowa.

The United Way’s Tocqueville Society

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United Way of Central Iowa

As the managing partner of the Markmel Company LLC, Mark Allen Hanrahan is responsible for accessing and capitalizing on commercial real estate and venture capital opportunities for the firm. Apart from his work, Mark Allen Hanrahan contributes to a number of charitable organizations, including the United Way of Central Iowa, and he is a member of the Tocqueville Society’s Ordre d’Egalite.

Inspired by historian Alexis de Tocqueville’s observation that Americans help each other in times of need and generously support the public welfare, the United Way of Central Iowa established the Tocqueville Society in 1984 to honor those philanthropists who annually contribute $10,000 or more in support of its mission to improve the lives of individuals and families in the community through its education, income, and health initiatives.

The Society recognizes nine levels of commitment based on contribution amount, named in terms of French orders. A donation of $1 million in a five-year timeframe grants a philanthropist membership in la Table Ronde des Millions de Dollars (Million Dollar Roundtable).